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Hello everyone!

i've just finished an illustration based on Fairy Tale characters. It's the famous 4-word opening to most fairy tales, but here's the twist...

the words are made up entirely of fairy tale characters... Which one is your favorite? i'd love to know!

O-U-A-T by pezbananadesign        Once Upon A Time by pezbananadesign

This is currently UP FOR VOTING at, so please help make it happen by voting and giving it a 5. Every vote counts!

Also please Fav and share here at DA, and your comments and greatly welcome:

DIRECT VOTE LINK (you can sign in with your Facebook account!):…
Thanks to all and i hope you like this piece! :D
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I'm not much of a holiday person. In fact i'm pretty much a Grinch except for the fact that i enjoy holiday food and also giving and receiving presents. Especially receiving! :P

But nevertheless i want to stop by and wish everyone Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday might be. Even if you don't really celebrate anything special this season, here's my best wishes for you, hoping you have a great end of year and a very happy new one.


Huascar Barradas Christmas CD by pezbananadesign
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Days have been very busy, i'm working on the final stages of some projects which i'm DYING to show you, but i can't just yet. But i think sooner rather than later i'll be able so share with you some samples :D

i think there's one very talented artist out there who KNOWS what i'm talking about ;)

This quick journal entry is to let you know that my little SUSHIBOT LOVE illustration has now 110 favorites in just over 2 weeks. Now 100 faves might not seem much to many of you, but for me it is, i think it's the first of my pieces to get 100 faves.

So now's a good moment to THANK YOU ALL for making this drawing one of your faves!

Sushibot Love by pezbananadesign

I drew this as t-shirt design. I thought a SUSHIBOT-themed t-shirt would be nice, so if you'd like to see this as a Tshirt, please show your support by adding to your faves.

You're all invited to WATCH me so you can get updates on the Tshirt status of this design!

i'll be submitting this to sometime soon, but i think i still need to "promote" Sushibot Love just a little bit more.

Spread the "SUSHIBOT LOVE" so to speak :P

Thanks and Love to all!
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hi, hello!

it's been quite some time since i last posted new art, participated, commented, added favorites and friends. it has been a weird and challenging few months for me, but i've tried to keep making art (even if it's only in my head, or in quick sketch form).

i really miss this place and its people, so i think this is a good time to say:

1. THANK YOU to all who have viewed, liked, shared my art (simple and few as are the pieces contained in my gallery). And THANK YOU to all who have added me to their watch. (i'll post art more often :))

2. Thank you if you've given me a Llama Badge. i still don't know what exactly they are but i know they mean good, unless your intention was to tell me that i look like a llama. In that case, that's very silly of you, but thank you all the same :)

3. i like Batman, so here is a small quick Little Batman:

Little Batman by pezbananadesign
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i succumbed to Twitter. it's not as overwhelming as i thought it would be. perhaps because so far i have only 15 followers.

you can follow us if you like. we'd be very happy and grateful (Sushibot and me... yes, i'm talking about "us" now. i am entering the early stages of dementia, as you can see.)

the TwitPage has a nice warm, vanilla-ey/sour-candy colored wallpaper / background. Pretty!

Follow us here:

Pez Banana's Twitter page by pezbananadesign
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Hello fellow art-and-toy-lovers!

i've been meaning to do a real-life entry, about last year Vs. the new year that's just beginning, but i think 2010 is no longer "new" and i don't want to bore you with my rants, which is probably what i'll end up doing in THIS post anyway.

*quickly and astonishingly changes subject without nobody noticing*

ok, so good news for me and for you!

Sushibot preliminary sculpt by pezbananadesign

Over the past month i've been revising "preliminary sculpts" with the good people at PatchTogether, and they've now sent me a sculpt that seems to be very close to how i envision the little fellow(s).

i am still revising some details that i hope can be polished and perfected, but i think this is a close example of how the final Sushibot figure will look.

he stands 5.5 inches tall, and will be painted in the "alaskabot" colorway shown here.

Other colorways might be available in the future, such as the green angry Ebibot and the pink girly Calibot - many people have asked if they will be available too -

Sushibot wallpaper 2 by pezbananadesign

- so the answer is Possibly, and the best way to ensure there will be more sushibots is to support the initial release/version.

you can still take one home with you at Special Preorder Price (you save 5 dollars!), here:…

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well, PatchTogether staff has admitted (but not announced, like they usually do) that production for Sushibot has already started.

SUSHIBOT new designer toy by pezbananadesign

i'd like to very sweetly thank everyone who has supported, commented, recommended, spread the word, and preordered. it has not been easy or fast, but i think that as the OC of an artist without previous fans or following, Sushibot has done quite well.

and with your continuing support, once prototype is made and actual product is out there in pictures and in collectors' hands, then i'm sure he will keep on doing well and hopefully we'll get other colorways too... the angry Ebibot and the blushing Calibot (and others!)

Thank you once again and here's the link for those who want to take one home with you:…

Also, i've posted a News article, see the link up there. you can Love it if you like :)
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Do you like Sushi, Robots, Toys?
New designer toy Sushibot, the cute original character created by Pez Banana…, has started production and is still available at special introductory price (only $30 each, save $5).

Available here:…

Sushibot is a 5.5 inch tall figure, cast in resin, and hand-painted. Produced by PatchTogether, will be ready to ship in early 2010. Very limited quantities available!

PatchTogether is a toy production company that allows artists to submit their original character designs, get voted, and if there is demand for their character, get produced as collectible designer toys. There are currently several designs created by DeviantART members, which are both on voting stage and already available for preorder.

if you have an OC that you would like to see made into a figure, go to PatchTogether and get started!

and if you like designer toys or just happen to like cute smart mischievous brightly-colored Sushi-shaped robots, then take a Sushibot home with you:…

Sushibot Loves You by pezbananadesign
i was considered "tagged" because i read all of CoolKidCoco's latest journal entry, which constitutes her part in this "10-Thing-Tag-Game" which i hear is quite popular in France.

- - - - -

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

- - - - -

i'm too lazy to play this by the rules but it kind of made me want to share some info about me, all of a sudden. creepy!

1. haha. my sense of humor is weird. sometimes so weird that i feel like i'm the only one finding it funny. sometimes my attempts at humor are bold and unapologetical and silly (think Larry David meets Monty Python meets Dr. Seuss, with lots of silliness mixed in) and sometimes i freeze when i think such attempts have "offended someone". lame, right? being funny and cautious at the same time! i would make the most lousy stand-up comedian but i think my written humor is quite good.

3. i forgot to answer number two. sorry.

4. i can't drive either. i'm afraid of it. i am certain, convinced, that the moment i put myself behind a wheel ON A ROAD (i've been behind a wheel in a parking lot!) then i'm going to kill myself or kill someone, or kill both!

5. i like the shoelaces on both my shoes to have the same tightness and that the loops and strings be the same length, and the knot itself be in the middle of the shoe, not made on one side or another. all very symmetrical... however, when it comes to design, illustration, art, etc, i love asymmetry.

6. i love to cook. and am quite good at it, but not always.

7. i don't drink, not really. i CAN drink, and sometimes even want to, but i don't really need it. never smoked cigarettes (i despise them) but i've tried the weed and the tobacco (pipe) which reminds me a lot of my father (he doesn't smoke anything anymore) and some cuban cigars like 2 or 3 times in my life. but cigarettes i despise them! and i can't dance because...

8. i have 3 left feet. i could maybe perhaps with a lot of practice, learn to dance with 2 left feet. but alas, that third left foot...

9. i like to do voices. from movies, cartoons, etc. my specialty are characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

10. i like toys. not an obsessive collector. just have lots of them. i've seen collections that are crazy. i haven't arrived at that extreme yet. don't think i ever will. i enjoy it as long as i can afford it and as long as i find interesting stuff.

2. oh, i found number two! here it is: i love to read, and recently found a good and logical reason for why i think i like it so much. no, it's not to give an image of intellectual geekiness. it's because there are literally thousands, millions i'm sure, of books out there with great stories and characters and ideas... so for every movie that opens up a whole new world to you, there are like hundreds of books that would do the same, and the best part is that when you read something, you make your own little movie in your head as you read. your own little interpetation of the story and the characters talk just like you want them to. so i try and keep my bookshelf fresh with new books. not necesarilly recent titles. i like many genres and authors from the most recent to the most classic. perhaps someday i'll even read the Shakespeare!

and number 2.1., i would like to someday write something, have it published and have people actually read and enjoy it. short stories preferably. illustrated by myself. at this point last year, i was utterly convinced that i was ready to quit professional design and attempt a career as a writer. yeah right! as i said, perhaps someday.

number 2.2 is: i'm not tagging anyone. i'm too lazy, but i really had some fun, thanks!
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i've been drawing a lot lately, both work-related and sushibot-related, haha. i've been working a lot on the illustrations that i'm going to give away to 3 lucky winners among the first 20 buyers of Sushibot. i think i might be getting just a bit too perfectionist so i have to hurry up and finish the pieces, and show them to you.

i have plenty of sketches for these pieces so i think i might toss them in as prizes too.

Sushibot is ALMOST HERE!

we only need 4 more preorders and they'll start production.

if you already preordered him, you are already participating in the artwork giveaway. i'll post a separate entry for the contest when i finish the pieces.

if you haven't ordered your Sushibot yet, now might be the time to do so, because not only would you get a chance to win original hand-drawn art, but you get your Sushibot figure for 5 dollars less.

once production starts, the price will go back to regular, which is $35.

Sushibot is 5,5 inches tall, cast in resin, handpainted, and VERY limited edition.

Get yours here:…

if you order one, be sure to drop me a line here so i can add you to the giveaway list! :D
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i just arrived from spending some time with my dad.
he came to visit. he comes like once a year or maybe less.
he lives in miami. i showed him sushibot.

he had already seen him but he was confused, kept misunderstanding everything i said, had to explain to him how PatchTogether works.
my aunt was also confused, so when i explained something to my dad, she would ask some crazy question about some other thing i had explained 5 minutes before.

i think they really didn't get it but they seemed very enthusiastic and liked the "little toy" and suggested about 3 times that i offer the "toy" as a promotional product to a Sushi restaurant that she saw the other day while driving around town.

i told her: PatchTogether requieres a one-year exclusive contract and i think that if a sushi place would ever be interested in giving out toys as promotion, they would give out cheap plasticky toys like the ones at McDonald's.

so she then suggested that i sell Sushibots as "decorations" to this store.

i told her once again who these "toys" were intended for (well, yes, they are a kind of toys, though not "playable" toys, even though you could play with them if you chose to... you can play with whatever you want, if you're a consenting adult).

then she gave me some homemade ice cream.
then my dad showed me a photo of him and me in a swimming pool, me in his arms.

he said: that was in the camp (oil camp, where he worked). do you remember?

i said: yeah i remember. i was what? 9 months old?

he laughed.
i laughed.

tiny short moment but it was good.
tomorrow he goes back to miami.
he showed me the book he wrote (he is a pastor) and i criticized the design, but also told him it could have been much worse.

i told him: next time, bring me a book.
he said: i love you, son.
i said: ditto.
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i'm so sleepy so i'll make it short.

i don't know if it's too soon for a second journal entry but here i go.

hi. my name is Jose and i've been on DA for 2 days, maybe 3.

YOU: "hiiiii, joseeee"

ME: *nervous, giddy giggles*

ok si it's been really cool, people are super nice, there's good artwork, and so far so good.

i know i've been posting like crazy. submitting, i think is the termn. i don't know if it's rude to post so much so rapidly, but i feel like i want to show some of the work i've done.

because i have like 6 years worth of work samples from my solo-career. the time before that, i worked in an advertising agency and i look back and think: what crappy stuff i did!

advertising is not art, after all.
but i learned a lot about the commercial / marketing / business side of what i do, and i still use it on a daily basis.

anyway... i'm ranting.
what i meant to say was: i'll be submitting my favorite works from these last 6 years so it'll be a while until i post something "new" (chronologically speaking).

the "newest" thing in my gallery is Sushibot, and the hooded creatures.

i expect to post more characters and creatures soon...

these little illustrated beings have helped me to rediscover the joy of drawing, which i had completely forgot while i was working in advertising. i figured that not only was it NOT worth to stop drawing, but also a lot of good things could come out of drawing and taking that passion and fun and imagination to places that didn't even exist 15 years ago.

art today is enormously different than it was 15 years ago.
which means both bad and good things.
but of course, we focus on the good.

i'm happy to be here and happy to be able to share my art, whether personal or commercial, humble line drawings on post-it pads or complicated multi-layered works made on computer.

so yeah. i think that's it.
this post is about me saying that i am indeed happy.

thank you all for reading and being here and making this such a nice place to be.

-Jose (Pez Banana)
[i promise to tell you more about the name "Pez Banana" in the next entry] This was sorta long for a sleepy post. :D
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i'm new here, but have visited DA from time to time in the past years, usually following links sent by friends as invitations to go see their artwork.

suddenly i realised the crazy ammount of really good designs and illustrations and artwork posted here, so i thought: why not be a part of it? i'm not even thinking of explaining DA to those who are already active members, but i do have lots of questions myself... mainly concerning what the site has to offer, and how to make it work.

so i've spent my first day or two submitting art, and browsing art, and commenting, and receiving really nice comments, which is great because it means that DA works... or better still, that the people here MAKE DA work.

so please forgive me if i seem/am clumsy and sloppy and don't comment back or my profile and gallery seems skimpy and thin, and all those little things that come with being a newbie (though not a newbie to art, eh!) and i'll slowly get how things work around here and be able to interact more smoothly.

also, if you like sushi and/or robots and/or toys, feel free to wander over at to see my toy design, Sushibot.

here's a direct link for him:…

thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting and adding some of my art as your favorites. this is the warmest and truest welcoming one could expect and it makes me really happy!

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